You want to become active?

If you want to be more than a sponsoring member and help actively,
everyone has skills we do welcome!

  • Would you like to be in direct contact with refugees and help them with the authorities and in everyday life?
  • Would you like to help refugees to learn German?
  • You speak fluent Arabic or Farsi and can help us translate articles on our website? 
  • You have good legal expertise and can support refugees and our association in legal questions?
  • You have a psychological education and can help us with individual questions or both search for the right therapy places?
  • You are already involved in another refugee project and would like to offer us your support?
  • You like to write articles about the moving stories of refugees for our blog?
  • Do you like taking photos or making videos?
  • You have experience in editing audio and video material?
  • You have legal expertise and can support refugees and our association in legal questions?
  • You have IT skills and know how to setup and design websites?
  • You can tutor refugees in e.g. mathematics, physics or chemistry?
  • Do you have a free room or other living space that you can make available temporarily to individual refugees (like 3–7 days)?
  • You have organizational talent and would like to help us with our work?
  • You like to donate? Preferably on a regular basis…

Write us – almost anything can help: