Learning resources

On this page we provide resources to assist in learning German. The materials will be updated and expanded over time.

Flash cards

Here we provide digital flashcards that can be used with the freely available Anki software. Currently, knowledge of English is required to use most of the flashcard decks.


German 5000:
Here we want to provide flashcards for the 5000 most used German words. The basis for this is the following publication: “A Frequency Dictionary of German – Core Vocabulary for Learners”, 2nd edition, by Erwin Tschirner and Jupp Möhring.

Download (Words 1-500)

Notes: Unfortunately, the volume of the audio recordings differs in some cases. We recommend that you adjust the volume on the respective device. We will work on a solution in the future.


Download (Words 1-500)
Download for Persian speakers

We would like to thank Professor John Esling (University of Victoria) for giving us permission to use some of the audio recordings he made.