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Die Säkulare Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. hilft Menschen, die nicht religiös sind und darum in ihren

Atheist Refugee Relief helps non-religious people who therefore have to fear for their lives in their home countries. Our work has received international attention from Qatar to the USA. As experts, we have been guests in the EU Parliament. We are also a regular contact for the media. Our work impressively highlights the danger posed by religion in cooperation with politics and has been noticed by political actors all the way up to the federal level.

We can use this standing to problematise demands for religiously motivated privileges of all religions – including those of the churches. In this way, we want to establish ourselves as a relevant alternative to religious lobby organisations.

The moment has come for us to move towards becoming a nationally known religion-free NGO and lobby group. But we do not have sustainable funding! All our activities so far have been made possible exclusively by donations and voluntary work. We have now reached a limit with this model – it is no longer possible to afford it on the current scale. In order to professionalise ourselves we now need to create jobs and pay people to do this work.

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Up until 9th November 2021, we need 999 sponsors who support us with 10 EUR per month each.

• With 666* sponsors we can fund two positions for project management, lobbying and administration

• With 999* sponsors we can fund an additional half-time position for funding and project requests on a regular basis and an office

*Important: We will only withdraw your contribution when the campaign ends on 9th November 2021 and one of the goals has been reached!

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