Hisham Nofal elected to the Board of Directors

At the 2021 general meeting, as every two years, the board of Atheist Refugee Relief (Säkulare Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.) was completely re-elected.

Hisham Nofal

Mohamed Hisham Nofal was born in 1991 in Giza, Egypt. As an ex-Muslim and LGBT activist, he was already campaigning for individual freedom and human rights there. He gained worldwide notoriety when he was invited to appear as an activist on a talk show on Egyptian TV in 2017. There he tried to explain why he was an atheist and that it was the right of every human being to leave religion. As a result, he was declared mentally ill by the former deputy sheikh of al-Azhar University, belittled by the host, and finally expelled from the studio (video). Because this destroyed his social and professional life, but he also had to fear persecution by the state, he fled to Germany in 2019.

Hisham Nofal has now been elected to the board of Atheist Refugee Relief (Säkulare Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.). In this way, he would like to work above all for the improvement of the integration process, for example, in order to communicate the importance of democracy, but also the values of individual freedom rights and the protection of physical integrity to those affected better and across language barriers.

Stefan Paintner
Rana Ahmad und Stefan Paintner

Rana Ahmad and Stefan Paintner, both co-founders of Atheist Refugee Relief, were re-elected.

We would like to thank Mahmudul Haque Munshi, who did not stand for re-election to the Board.

Stefan Soehnle
Stefan Soehnle

Stefan Soehnle, who is also an active member of the Düsseldorfer Aufklärungsdienst e.V. (Giordano Bruno Stiftung) and the GWUP was elected as treasurer of the organization.