Atheism as a Reason to Escape – The Atheist Refugee Relief

Talk and discussion with Mina Ahadi and Stefan Paintner
Tuesday, 2. Jan 2018, 19.00 hrs
Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

As part of the “Humanist Salon”, a lecture will be held at the “Salon des Amateurs” with a subsequent discussion on work, self-image and the need for an Atheist Refugee Relief.


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When non-religious people flee from countries where political Islam dominates, they are not interested in economic improvements or the flight from war, because many of them come from wealthy families and countries where there is nominally “peace”. Non-religious people flee because they are subject to religious persecution (namely persecution by religious fanatics) and have to fear for their lives. In many “states of God”, apostasy (waste of faith) is punished with prison, torture and death. Often enough, the threat also comes from one’s own family, which fears for their “honor”. The situation of secular refugees has long been underestimated by the German state. Almost without exception, the general public speaks almost without exception of “Muslims”, but not of Syrians, Turks, Afghans, Iranians, etc. when referring to people from the Arabic, Turkish or Persian regions. The fact that we are bringing all these people together under the religious banner obscures the fact that secular refugees in collective shelters meet the very same fellow countrymen from whom they have fled and are often threatened and attacked if they do not pray, drink or wear a headscarf. The authorities show little sensitivity to this problem. For this reason, the Central Council of Ex-Muslims, supported by the Giordano Bruno Foundation and the gbs-Köln, founded the “Säkulare Flüchtlingshilfe” SF in the spring of 2017. Its aim is to support non-religious refugees by providing practical assistance (such as finding a place to live, administrative visits, psychological counselling, language courses, etc.). Many of those affected are also politically active. They are fighting for their rights and want to promote information about the situation of their societies of origin. The SF considers this work to be essential and therefore supports them in their travels to conferences and networking meetings as well as in their appearances in the press, radio and television.

Mina Ahadi is chairman of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims. She was sentenced to death in absentia for her political activities in Iran. She has lived in Germany since 1996.

Stefan Paintner is a media designer and co-founder of secular refugee aid.

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