First regional meeting in Berlin of Atheist Refugee Relief

Regionaltreffen Berlin
Impressions of the first regional meeting in Berlin, photos © Evelin Frerk

After the Secular Refugee Relief has been presented to the public at the celebration of “10 Years of Ex-Muslims” on 17 November 2017, numerous requests for help but also many offers of help have reached us.
Since then, the number of tasks and potential has grown enormously.

Support offers came from all over Germany and sometimes even from abroad, most from the Berlin region. Therefore, the first regional meeting was held in Berlin on January 5, 2018.

There were 16 participants that night, who wanted to become active. Among them were witnesses, activists, lawyers, authors, actors, filmmakers and journalists. All of them have a lot of experience and are competent in what they want to offer.

Well-known personalities such as Dr. Carsten Frerk, Naïla Chikhi, Philipp Möller, and Elga Sorbas, who helped us with the organisation and implementation, were also present.

All participants are now members of the regional group Berlin. By the way, there were just as many women as men present. They will now organize themselves, as this is the most effective way to cooperate and help.

The following goals have been defined

  • The protection of asylum seekers who have left to Germany because they are threatened with death by their own family, social community, clan or state for of their lack of faith
  • Inform and sensitise the authorities and the public to this particular group, which are often subject to hostilities and physical assaults in the general quarters because of their apostasy
  • Asylum must be granted to such persons, even if the state of their origin officially does not impose a death penalty or persecution of apostates, but accepts silently that they are beaten, raped, imprisoned, enslaved or killed by their family, social community or clan

All participants have a high motivation to help or find help in any way.

  • Instruments: everyone agrees that authorities and their employees as well as lawyers must be actively informed, because very often there is no perception of the particular situation and history of non-believing asylum seekers

Work on individual cases has already begun.

Again we would like to thank everyone who was involved for their attention and support! 🌸🌺